Stunning Space Flier ‘Hyperburner’ Is Free for the First Time on the App Store

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Despite releasing in the hectic summer months just after the cacophony of noise which is E3, Hyperburner ($2.99) captivated the minds and imaginations of many in our community when it launched in June of last year. Its concept wasn’t particularly groundbreaking – like many flight simulator titles that came before it, you’re tasked with manoeuvring a futuristic jet through numerous nefarious structures and obstacles at breakneck speeds. However, the execution of Hyperburner was outstanding, with a beautiful cel-shaded graphical style, extremely responsive controls, and an exhilarating sense of speed that was aided by a silky smooth framerate. Such qualities were reflected in our exultant four-and-a-half star review, and today Hyperburner has mysteriously gone on sale for the bargain price of absolutely free, with no in-app purchases in sight.

As of this morning, there is no obvious cause for why Hyperburner has been made free – both the app description and the developer’s Twitter account are bereft of any explanation for this sudden (yet extremely welcome) promotion for such a strong 2016 release. With no update since the game’s initial release last year, it’s unlikely that this price reduction marks a transition to a free-to-play monetisation model for Hyperburner, which will certainly be a positive for any fans who may have purchases the title at its original $2.99 price point. This is also the first sale of any kind for Hyperburner, so perhaps is simply an act of generosity and publicity from the developer. Irrespective of the motive behind this promotion, Hyperburner is an essential download, especially for free – anyone looking for an exhilarating arcade experience, or merely something pretty to show off your iDevice, should take advantage of this sale before the game reverts back to its regular price in the near future. Get Hyperburner on the App Store for free now, and fly by our forum thread for more discussion over this underrated iOS gem.

Thanks to Yanagi for the heads-up!

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