Accessory Manufacturer Mad Catz Files for Bankruptcy

If you were gaming in the 90’s, chances are you’re intimately familiar with the brand Mad Catz. They were effectively synonymous with going over to a friend’s house and playing two player games with someone being stuck with the cheapest controller they sell at Funco Land. In recent years, Mad Catz has really turned things around. Hell, I vastly preferred their Microcon controller for the XBOX over the original XBOX-sized controller. They also make some great sticks for fighting games, and their series of MFi controllers are pretty great as well. It hasn’t been a secret that they’ve been in financial trouble recently, but this morning they made it official with bankruptcy declarations.

Hopefully Mad Catz can financially re-jigger their business and come back our swinging, but, in the meantime, it’s worth paying attention to any potential sales of any video game accessories you might be on the hunt for. It wouldn’t surprise me if they started shedding inventory of slow-moving products, and MFi controllers definitely fall into that category considering how little they’ve taken off across the board.

[via callyscaves on our Discord server]