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‘Kami 2’ by State of Play Launches Worldwide on March 30th

State of Play’s next game is Kami 2, and after its soft launch in December 2016, it’s ready to launch worldwide this Thursday, March 30th. While State of Play isn’t talking too much about the specifics of the game despite it being in a publicly-playable form already, they’re claiming this to be a big leap forward from the original Kami ($2.99). Which, having played the original after trying the sequel, is definitely the case, it feels far more advanced now. Over a hundred new levels are going to be in the game, along with a puzzle builder, complete with sharing tools.

State of Play is saying that the game will be literally free to play. That is, there are no advertisements at all, though there will be in-app purchases for hints and themes. If you’re in London, the Apple Store on Regent Street will have a live event for the game on Thursday, RSVP here if you’re curious to check it out.