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‘Sur-5’ Promises Stripped-Down, Pixel Art, Survival Adventure

Frank and Jordan, a dev team of two brothers, just released Wander Pug (Free) on the App Store, but are hard at work on another game, currently called Sur-5. Built in Stencyl, this is a rougelike survival game, featuring some good ole pixel art. You’ll use a joystick and two buttons to hunt for materials, take on animals for resources, and try to stay alive in the harsh, unforgiving desert.

This one looks rather interesting because I like these wilderness survival games, but the idea of having one that’s kind of stripped down to its core essence, and playable through simple controls. I mean, Crashlands ($6.99) stripped the survival genre down in many ways, but not to the degree that this game is doing. If it comes together, Sur-5 (or whatever its final title is) could prove to be rather promising.