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Help Beta Test ‘Cat Stacks Fever’ by ‘Yo to the Yo’ Developers

Purple Pwny Studios has announced Cat Stacks Fever, and they need help beta testing to gring it to fruition. escribed as a “reflex-based card stacking game for people who like solitaire but lack patience," the objective is that you draw cards and have to quickly throw them onto one of the four stacks available to you, with a timer counting down for each card. Another twist comes in that you have special cards like bombs, shuffles, and shields that can help you…or ruin you.

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Cat Stacks Fever will be playable in a timer-free Zen Mode and the fast-paced Expert mode. Different decks and special cards can be unlocked. Lux has done the art for the game again after the studio’s previous title Yo to the Yo (Free), and Jayster has provided the soundtrack, with a lounge-y vibe to it. Check out the forum thread here, and sign up for the beta here. They’re also beta testing something called Combustion, but that’s not quite their main focus at the moment.