‘Shadowverse’ Is Getting Its Fourth Expansion, ‘Tempest of the Gods’, Soon

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Shadowverse (Free), the quite-entertaining CCG, continues to gain in popularity among players, so it’s not a surprise that the developers are pumping out content as quickly as they can. After giving us expansions such as Rise of Bahamut and Darkness Evolved, the developers have started teasing the game’s fourth expansion, Tempest of the Gods. Tempest of the Gods will feature 104 new cards, which will include two Legendaries for each class. Apparently, the expansion will bring very powerful cards to the game, including the god Zeus, that should shift the meta once they hit.

While Shadowverse was initially dismissed as nothing but an anime version of Hearthstone, it has proven to be much more than that. Recently it celebrated eight million downloads and is continuing to grow. So, if you’ve been looking for another CCG to dive into, Shadowverse would be a good choice.

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