‘Titanfall’ Mobile Games Should be Coming to Mobile in the Near Future

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A couple of months ago, Respawn Entertainment announced that Titanfall: Frontline, the CCG based on the popular FPS, wouldn’t ever see the light of day despite reaching the beta stage. I thought that was the end of Titanfall games on mobile, but it looks like I was wrong. According to the official Titanfall website, Respawn has teamed up with Nexon with the goal of developing “awesome" mobile titles set in the world of Titanfall. Apparently, they’ve got some exciting stuff in the works that Respawn will be talking about in the near future.

I don’t think we’re getting any Titanfall FPS games, and I don’t know if they’ll go the CCG route again after the recent failed attempt. At the same time, I really hope we don’t see another generic base builder with mechs instead of soldiers. Fingers crossed.

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