‘FZ9: Timeshift’ Is Out Now, Features Bullet-Time FPS Action

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A few days ago, we wrote about FZ9: Timeshift (Free), an FPS that’s all about bullet time, and now that game is out for iPhones and iPads. In FZ9 you play as Mak, a government agent who was injected with some kind of weird serum that gives him the ability to control time. And, as every self-respecting man would do, Mak uses that ability to enter bullet time and take out his terrorist enemies in Matrix-like slow-mo. As you can see from the launch trailer, the bullet time ability does make for some fun moments where you can take out opponents in style.

The game offers a storyline branching out over 30 missions, a ton of weapons, multiplayer modes, and more. And it’s F2P, so you can try it out without spending a penny. The game is available now, so go do all kinds of Neo moves.

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