‘TypeShift’ by Zach Gage Now Available

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Zach Gage’s newest word game, TypeShift (Free), is out now on the App Store. As the myriad teasers made clear, this a game about arranging letters to form words. In particular, you are given puzzles where you have to form words of a certain letter of numbers. Each letter’s column has a particular set of letters, and your goal in the primary puzzles is to form enough words with these letters to mark them all off the board. There is a basse set of words used to form the puzzle, but there are alternate words to find as well.

An alternate puzzle type, clue has you forming words with the help of descriptions, much like a crossword. But words that can be formed that aren’t part of the hints don’t count, and you have to tap the items once you form the proper word. It’s a tricky, brain-breaking experience from Zach Gage, and it’s one I’ve sunk a bunch of time into so far. TypeShift is ad-supported, and features a bunch of free puzzle packs, along with paid puzzle packs that also remove ads, with hints also available.

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