‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ Update Should Fix Many of the Huge Recent Issues

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If you haven’t been playing Marvel Contest of Champions (Free), then you probably haven’t heard the screams of outrage from many fans who felt that the latest update pretty much killed the game for them. The outrage was so intense – and pretty justified – that the developers responded to the outcry in a super apologetic tone and promised to fix all that they’ve managed to break. After apologizing for update 12.0 unintentionally making the game harder in a number of areas and nerfing some of the most-used strategies way too much, they stated that a new update is being worked on and should be coming out as soon as possible.

What will this new update do? It will improve players’ ability to survive and their effectiveness while blocking and parrying, adjust the difficulty of harder content, improve the impact of Challenge Rating, and improve a ton of heroes such as Captain America, Doctor Strange, and many more. I’m glad to see the developers responding to players’ complaints, but I have to wonder whether the well is poisoned beyond repair.

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