‘Active Soccer 2 DX’ Is Out Now, Brings Along Many Improvements

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It’s no secret that the App Store currently lacks any good soccer games, especially after FIFA Mobile Soccer ended up being more of a card game and less of a sports game. One of the most entertaining soccer games out there is Active Soccer 2, which – shockingly – focuses on actually playing soccer, and now we just got Active Soccer 2 DX ($2.99), an improved version of Active Soccer 2 that comes with some new features and plenty of little improvements. There are some gameplay improvements like a dedicated dash button, many more teams, updates to team data and competitions to bring them up to date, classic teams addition (with the likes of Maladona and Cruiff), and more.

Active Soccer 2 DX might not have the visuals of the latest soccer games, but it offers the kind of soccer game older players (like me) grew up on while also improving the formula. You won’t get scripted goals here (cross, header, goal) that you get in games like FIFA, which definitely makes it more challenging. The game costs $2.99 and is out now (at least in the US).

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