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‘Sunless Sea’ Will Start Haunting Our iPads March 23rd

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If you – like me – really like Failbetter Games’ Fallen London (Free) universe, get ready for a treat as Sunless Sea is squirming its way to the App Store March 23rd. Like Fallen London, Sunless Sea is a literary RPG, but this one takes you from the narrow, busy streets of London to the middle of a sunless sea where loneliness, madness, cannibalism, and frequent death awaits us all. In terms of gameplay, you have to manage your resources – food, fuel, etc – but also the crew’s sanity. There are also roguelike elements to it in the form of semi-randomized maps and some of your dying captain’s traits moving to the next captain.

When Fallen London launched, it was hindered by amazingly-long load times and frequent syncing issues that, I’m sure, drove many players away. Those issues have been fixed now, but it took numerous updates for that to happen. Sunless Sea is being ported by BlitWorks, who have worked on the ports of Don’t Starve, Bastion, and Invisible, Inc, so I’m hoping the game will launch with the app it deserves. It will also contain all the additional content the game has received since it launched minus the recent Zubmariner expansion. Unlike Fallen London, the game will be iPad only (at least for now) and will require at least an iPad Air or Pro to play.

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