How ‘Nindies’ Could Keep the Nintendo Switch Content Flowing

One of the interessting lines about the Nintendo Switch is how traditional console games seem to be in short supply. Nintendo’s certainly throwing a powerful opening salvo with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but the Mario game doesn’t hit until the holiday season, for example. And third-party efforts seem a bit limited. Certainly, this could be a bit worrying for anyone interested in buying the system. But in 2017, we’re beyond the age of being shy on content. And Nintendo, with their Nindies Nintendo Direct presentation on February 28th, seem set to ensure that there’s a steady stream of content to hit the Switch.

Some cool new titles were announced, including SteamWorld Dig 2, turn-based strategy game WarGroove, and the March 9th release of Blaster Master Zero on the Switch and 3DS. Some ports including TumbleSeed, Enter the Gungeon, and Stardew Valley with multiplayer were also announced.

Now, what’s interesting is that there’s a whole lot of games in the works. It’s at a point where realistically, there could be several new titles for the Switch every single week. And this is before any possible smaller, mobile-scale games hit, if they ever do. The general sense I’ve gotten from developers releasing on the Wii U is that the platform did rather well for them. It helps if you’re the main content supply on a system, too. Switch owners could find themselves not lacking for titles to play. Perhaps not from major third-party sources, but if Nintendo can profit off of the Switch hardware and first-party efforts, while indies help flesh out the system’s lineup, these could be rather interesting times for the hybrid system.