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‘Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed’ has Soft-launched

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has been, well, unleashed upon quite a few App Stores, so here’s your chance to check it out earlier than most. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is a brand new adventure in the Dynasty Warriors universe that has you tear everyone apart using all kinds of devastating attacks while collecting and upgrading over 80 officers from the Dynasty Warriors series. As it usually the case, each officer has his or her own skills and abilities, and you can create the kind of team you want to take on the many, many, enemies coming your way. The game even includes cinematic cutscenes to get you into the mood.

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed comes with quite a few modes including Skirmish, where you battle in real time with up to four players, Boss Fights, which are co-op, Raids, where you can steal fragments from your opponents, Conquest, and more. In other words, there’s plenty to do in this game. If you want to check it out and don’t have a Canada, Australia, Indonesia, or Philippines account, check our guide on how to make one. You can get the game here, and you should hop over to our forum thread to see what those already playing the game have to say.