‘Rush Rally 2’ Latest Update Adds Manual Gears and Vehicle Deformation

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Rush Rally 2 ($1.99), a labor of love by a single developer, continues to improve, which is something given the fact that we gave the game 5 stars in our review. Since launch, the game has seen plenty of updates that have added features or improved existing ones, and the update that hit today does both of those. The most interesting addition is manual gears, which should give really good racers a better feel for the car. According to our forum users, manual gears have been implemented well, which is not the easiest thing to do on a touchscreen. The update also added analog steering wheel control, which should improve the car handling.

In addition to the steering and gear changes, the game has added full real-time deformation for all cars in the game, which should make my car look like crap midway through my runs. And there are also multiplayer improvements since now you can tune your car in-game before a race. Overall, some very solid improvements and additions that should make a great game even more fun.

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