‘Mini Metro’ Update Adds Endless Mode Drops the Price

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Mini Metro ($3.99) is a fantastic game that has gotten rave reviews from both gaming outlets and people outside the gaming world. So, I’m pretty sure no one will complain that the game’s latest update, which just went live, adds another way to play the game. The new Endless Mode has added the ability to play with your toy trains forever without having to stress about anything. You can either start playing the Endless Mode by continuing a normal game after the game ends or by selecting Endless from the mode screen. Here’s your chance to drive trains and chill.

In addition to the Endless Mode, the update adds more music from Mateo Lugo, the composer from Reigns. These new compositions will play in San Francisco, Seoul, and Shanghai. And Mini Metro is now 40% off, so you have no excuse not to grab it.

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