‘Chief Puzzle Officer’ is Now Available Worldwide on iOS

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After a long and wind release on iOS caused by some last-minute delays, Chief Puzzle Officer (Free) is now available on iOS. While it is a match-3 game, the clever trick is that the game has real-time cooperative multiplayer. You and 3 other players are working together on the same board, making matches to trigger attacks against a single enemy. This forms the basis of the game, with AI allies in the singleplayer events to help ou out.

Along the way, you’ll upgrade your puzzle megacorp, get new heroes for your deck while upgrading the best heroes. You can join guilds and take them on for corporate supremacy. Our forums were big on the beta version of the game, and now with the iOS version worldwide, everyone can check this interesting take on match-3 out for themselves. At worst, it has no energy system and a ton of potential waifus, so it can’t be all bad. Keep an eye on the forum thread for this game if you’re playing and want to discuss with others.

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