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‘Mushroom 11’ Finally Releases on Mobile on March 9th

A game I’ve been waiting to hit mobile for a long time now is Mushroom 11. From when I played it back at PAX West in 2015, the game felt like it would be a perfect fit for touchscreens. But hey, there are good reasons ($$$) to release games on other platforms first for small developers in particular, so hey, such is life. But our long wait is soon over, after a glimpse at the mobile version last September: Mushroom 11 is set to release on iOS on March 9th.

Mushroom 11 has you controlling a strange green mass, manipulating it by using what is essentially a magic eraser to force it in certain directions, split into different entities, force it down skinny tubes, and whatever else gets in your way. It’s an intriguing puzzle-platformer-esque game, and I’m interested to see if my suspicions about it being a great mobile game are accurate. And keep an eye out for that week of March 9th, possibly other PC-to-mobile ports are on the way, such as a new iOS Wadjet Eye game