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Route Trains in Space in ‘Cosmic Express’, Coming March 16th

Draknek, makers of the positively delightful little puzzler A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build ($4.99), have finally announced a release date for their train-route-planning-in-space game Cosmic Express, which we first talked about back in August of last year. The game will be coming on March 16th to iOS, Android, and Steam. In case you forgot what Cosmic Express looks like, here’s a brand spanking new animated gif Draknek posted to the Twitter Machine earlier today.

As we mentioned back in August, Cosmic Express is actually an expanded take on a game that Draknek made for the 2015 Train Jam, which is a game jam that takes place on a train that travels from Chicago to San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference. That game is called Train Braining and you can actually still play it online here. Obviously Cosmic Express is a much prettier experience, but even with crude graphics it’s surprising just how well the whole concept holds up in Train Braining and it has me very excited to get my hands on Cosmic Express when it launches about a month from now.