The Imaginative ‘unWorded’ Has Now Released on Android

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UnWorded ($2.99), an imaginative narrative game where everything is built from actual letters, has finally moved from iTunes to Android today. The game takes a dive into the damaged brain of a writer and lets players uncover his creative world. In terms of mechanics, the game is all about taking letters and punctuation signs and arranging them into objects that are connected to the ongoing narrative. You’ll have to let your imagination free and try and figure out how words can mean more than just their dictionary definition. Pretty much my cup of tea.

The game is divided into five books and delivers an engaging story, which helped it earn quite a few awards. If you’re an Android player looking for something different to play, check out unWorded, out now for $3.99.

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    unWorded is an innovative Narrative Puzzle Game where everything is built from letters. Use your imagination to create …
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