[UPDATE: Out Now] ‘Lords of the Fallen’ Mobile Game Releases This Week

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Back in 2014, a mobile game based on Lords of the Fallen was announced, Lords of the Fallen being a Dark Souls style action RPG that did well enough to justify a sequel that is in development right now. But just what this mobile game would be was unknown, and Lords of the Fallen for mobile seemed to disappear somewhere into the void. But suddenly, it has reappeared and is releasing this Thursday, February 9th.

If you were expecting something like the console version or Dark Souls, well unfortunately you’re getting something more like Infinity Blade with one-on-one, swipe based combat. The trick is that there are thre different heroes to play as on your quest to kill the Demon Queen Akasha. The graphics on this one are looking rather good, for sure. Lords of the Fallen for mobile will be available on February 9th on both iOS and Android, and will run $9.99.

UPDATE: Looks like Lords of the Fallen for mobile has jumped the gun on its February 9th release date and is available now. For more, check out the forum thread for the game.

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