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The Upcoming ‘Papery Planes’ Is Inspired by ‘Alto’s Adventure’

Alto’s Adventure is a great game in its own right, but it has also become an inspiration for many developers who enjoy the game’s serene feel. The developers of the upcoming Papery Planes are pretty open about Alto’s Adventure being their greatest inspiration, but even if they hadn’t said it this clearly in our forums, you could still see that inspiration in the trailer below. The music, the simple but nice art, and the emphasis on enjoying the experience over being overly-challenged definitely hark back to Alto’s.

While the game won’t have challenging controls, it will still force you to quickly react to the environment if you are to survive. And the game does offer coin magnets and the like, so it won’t be just about avoiding the obstacles. If you want to chat to the developers and maybe offer some ideas, go to our Upcoming Games forum thread.