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Clever Puzzler ‘Warlock’s Tower’ Releasing January 31st

Sometimes, a puzzle game needs only one clever conceit to go from ordinary to fantastic, and Warlock’s Tower seems to have just that. The puzzler, which releases January 31st for both iOS and Android, has one “simple" rule; one move equals one life lost. With over 100 rooms to conquer, Warlock’s Tower gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “watch your step" as you need to outwit zombies, slimes, flying eyes, and all kinds of other weird creatures while always minding that life counter on the top left. Very smart idea and looks well-executed too.

In addition to this intriguing conceit, Warlock’s Tower also has fantastic art and music that nails that retro feel. Get ready to help the little Mailman ascend the Warlock’s Tower and deliver that all-important mail.