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‘Slap Shots!’ and ‘Puff’ Coming to the App Store Soon from Frosty Pop Corps

Frosty Pop Corps, the folks who brought us games such as High Dive (Free) and Big Fishy (Free), are back at it and have not one but TWO games coming to the App Store in the very near future. We’ll start with the one that’s releasing first, which is a wacky take on hockey called Slap Shots! In it you’ll control a single hockey player who seems content on just spinning in a circle, while the typically stationary goal goes moving about the screen. Your goal (HEH) is to stop your player so they’re aiming towards wherever the goal is as well as time the power of your shot appropriately. Here’s a video to supplement my terrible description of the game.

As you can see, there’s also the element of JUST MAKE CROSSY ROAD JEEZ in Slap Shots! as there’s tons of unlockable characters, a similar voxel graphic style, free gifts galore, and more. Although the underlying mechanics seem quite simple, Frosty Pop says there’s actually quite a bit of hidden depth to the game: “Every game you play poses a slightly different challenge depending on how you approach shooting the puck. The strength and angles you use to shoot will create obstacles or openings for subsequent shots you take. Players can choose to just goof off or plan ahead and strategize." Slap Shots! will be arriving on January 26th, just in time for the NHL All-Star Game. Oh! And the game will be doing a crossover promotion with Colin Lane’s Dunkers (Free), so expect to see some special characters from that too.

As for their second game, it probably couldn’t be any more different from Slap Shots! The game is called Puff, and it’s an 8-bit style retro-inspired game that has you flapping around, dodging hazards, and blasting enemies through a dank sewer system. I’ll just go ahead and rip the description straight from Frosty Pop themselves, because it’s so good: “If Flappy Bird and Downwell did some baby makin’ that created a love child with the shakes and a propensity for dubstep, this game would be it. With sweet controls that work like hand churned butter and be cold trippin’ like Bob Dylan, you need to tap, shoot, dodge, and weave your way through a sewer full of slime balls, eyeballs, goofballs, and water balls. If this game doesn’t make you twitch, you are a robot." Here’s a couple of gifs!



Seems you’ll be simultaneously flapping and shooting and also avoiding things like the ceiling caving in on your head, and once you clear a room you’ll rise up through the caved-in roof and make your way through the sewers. So like Downwell, but up. Upwell? At any rate it sounds like a really cool mashup of several different types of gameplay mechanics, and of course I totally dig the retro visuals. The game also features a “progressive (and relative) difficulty" that should scale itself to how well you’re playing, so I’m interested to see how that works out. Unfortunately Puff is a bit further out than Slap Shots! and Frosty Pop expects to ship the game sometime in late February, but if we get any more information ahead of that time we’ll be sure to share it with you here.