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Top-Down Shoot ’em Up ‘Go Go Fairy Gals’ Has Soft Launched Today

A few weeks back, we wrote about Go Go Fairy Gals, a top-down shoot ’em up looking for testers in our forums. Today, the game has soft launched in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Canada, so you can now go check it out so long as you have an account in one of those countries. Go Go Fairy Gals takes place in a magical world where creatures divine and not co-exist in perfect harmony. Every century, the King holds an “exorcism" contest where representatives from each race compete for the honor of being top exorcist (that’s a line I’d like to have on my resume).

The game has you flying around and, as expected, shooting everything in sight. You can unlock 6 fairies to play as, each with unique skills and abilities, and there are over 300 items to equip. You can even fuse end enhance those items for even more variety. Go see what others are saying in our forums, and if the game sounds fun but you don’t have an account in any of those countries, check out our soft launch guide.