iOS Port of Award-Winning Board Game ‘Mysterium’ is Now Available

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Announced this past November, and slightly delayed last month, the iOS port of award-winning murder mystery board game Mysterium ($3.99) is now available in the App Store. Mysterium is a cooperative board game that has one player playing the ghost of a murder victim who uses various types of cards to give clues to the other players–who are paranormal psychics by the way–as to who, where, and how they were murdered. It’s up to those other players to use those clues to ultimately solve the mystery of the murder.

Mysterium on iOS features online multiplayer for up to 7 players and it works cross-platform between the iOS, Android, and Steam versions. There’s also the ability to play solo against AI opponents and a story mode which delves into the background stories for each of the psychic detectives in the game. This digital version will set you back $6.99 and it also includes additional cases and cards from expansion packs in the in-game shop. If you’re familiar with the physical version or you’re just a fan of board games in general, give Mysterium a look and check out what people are saying about it in our forums.

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