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Mobile Port of Critically Acclaimed Board Game ‘Mysterium’ Finally Hitting this Thursday

Our resident board game expert Tasos brought us the news in early November that the award-winning and critically acclaimed murder mystery board game Mysterium would be heading to mobile devices in December. Unfortunately, December rolled along and Mysterium was nowhere in sight, and once again Tasos got to the bottom of the situation and discovered that the game needed just a wee bit more time in the oven before it would be released, likely sometime in January. Well? It’s January! And we’ve got confirmation that Mysterium will finally be hitting iOS, Android, AND Steam this Thursday, January 12th. Huzzah!

The premise for Mysterium is super interesting, and I can see why it became so popular in its physical form. It’s a cooperative board game where one of the players plays as the ghost of a murder victim. The other players are all paranormal mediums who are trying to contact the ghost of the victim in order to solve the murder. You, as the ghost, can only communicate using illustrated cards and you’ll use these to give clues to the mediums about who some suspects might be, where the murder might have taken place, and what weapon might have been used to kill you. Yes, it’s like paranormal Clue! and it sounds like a ton of fun. I’ll be anxious to see how the digital versions of Mysterium turned out when it hits the App Store later this week.