‘Breakout Ninja’ Is a One-Button Ninja Game You Need to Try

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We talked about Breakout Ninja (Free) game on this week’s podcast, but we’ve been having so much fun with it (and so are other people, judging by the game’s performance on the top charts), so it felt worth posting again. Chances are, in 2017 you’ve probably played a lot of ninja games on your iPhone, as well as many one-button games, but how many one-button ninja games have you played? (OK, maybe a couple, who knows, the App Store is a crazy place.) What sets Breakout Ninja apart is its incredibly fluid animation which makes you feel like you’re doing all sorts of really cool ninja-y stuff even though the input method could not be more simple.

At its core, it’s an auto-runner of sorts, with your ninja running from the left side of the screen to the right. Along the way, you’ll come across circles that your ninja runs across and tapping the screen when you’re at the center of the circle invokes a specific appropriate action. For instance, there might be an enemy ahead and tapping when you’re in the circle causes your ninja to jump kick them. Similarly, you might vault over a fence, smash down a guard tower, or other things. Once the game gets going fast, it’s one awesomely fluid explosion of constant ninja moves.

Really the only down side of Breakout Ninja is that shared by a lot of these “see how far you can go" games: It start slow and simple and ramps up to getting super fun and fast paced. Getting back to where it’s fast paced can feel like a bit of a slog at times (particularly when you fail in the 150’s). That certainly isn’t a phenomenon that’s unique to Breakout Ninja, and we are only talking a matter of under a minute to get back to where it’s challenging.

Definitely give Breakout Ninja a download if you’re looking for another super solid one-button action game.

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