Ubisoft’s ‘Trials Frontier’ Is Now Available on the Apple TV

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Trials Frontier (Free) was released a few years ago, and while the buzz has died down somewhat in our community, the game was a hit on our forums. If the energy-based freemium system the game uses didn’t grind your gears too much, you were rewarded with a really fun Trials game that had loads of depth and a neat multiplayer mode. The game is now available on the Apple TV, and what makes it more interesting than most typical Apple TV ports is this is yet another high profile game that Apple is heavily promoting with an Editor’s Choice nod that requires an MFi controller to play.

Minecraft was the other big release to hit lately which Apple put their full promotional force behind that requires an MFi controller which really makes you wonder if Apple is ever going to sell some kind of Apple TV and MFi controller bundle that’d make the whole platform make a little more sense for gaming? Probably not, but if you’re looking for an MFi controller, my favorite is still the SteelSeries Nimbus which you can grab for $50 over on Amazon.

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