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Pre-Registration Is Now Online for the ‘One Piece Thousand Storm’ US Launch

Bandai Namco’s One Piece Thousand Storm has been available on the Japanese App Store for quite a while now, but a new pre-registration page is now online for the English release of the game which should be available pretty soon. If you’re unfamiliar with these pre-registration things, you basically just give them some kind of contact info (in this case, your Facebook, Twitter, or email) and when the game launches, depending on how many people sign up, you’ll all get a bonus in-game to give you an edge on other players who didn’t sign up. The game itself is a 3D action RPG with a strong multiplayer component set in the One Piece universe, take a look at the trailer:

If this has you interested enough to try playing the Japanese version of the game before the actual US release, you’re in luck too as a few different YouTubers have put together shockingly extensive videos explaining how to play the game and what all the different non-English UI elements do:

Additionally, if you need more help, there’s a small but surprisingly active subreddit for the game. Personally, I’ll be holding out for the US launch as trying to play non-English games is always such a hassle, particularly when we’re really not sure if progress will transfer between the different regions of the game. (There’s not much reason to think it won’t, but, still.) Regardless, if you’re a One Piece fan, this should be on your radar.