‘Remedy Rush’ from the Developer of ‘Piloteer’ and ‘Pivvot’ is Now Available

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Earlier this week we showed you the first teaser trailer for the new game from Fixpoint Productions, creators of some great games that start with the letter P including Piloteer ($2.99), Pivvot ($2.99), and Polymer ($2.99). Well, it lagged a bit behind our normal weekly new games post, but that game, called Remedy Rush (Free), is now officially available in the App Store. And it most definitely does not start with a P! Remedy Rush has you playing as an actual remedy fending off a sickness, and you do this by navigating a variety of strange objects through an endless maze-like level killing germs and destroying toxins by collecting health bursts along the way. If you aren’t quick about it though, the sickness will consume you!

Fixpoint Productions consists of music composer turned game developer Whitaker Trebella, who has had a knack for creating simple but challenging games for mobile. Remedy Rush looks to be along those same lines so if you’ve enjoyed the previous Fixpoint games then you should definitely check this one out and leave your thoughts about the game in our forums.

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