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Heal Thyself with Explosions in ‘Remedy Rush’ from ‘Pivvot’ Developer Whitaker Trebella

Whitaker Trebella, developer of Piloteer ($2.99), Pivvot ($2.99), and Polymer ($2.99), is back with a new game, shockingly not starting with a P. Remedy Rush has you trying to advance as far as possible through dynamic mazes, utilizing Bomberman-style explosions to clear your path and enemies. The concept is that you’re a remedy making its way through a body, trying to fend off the coming sickness and the germs in your way. Toxins you bump into will have different explosion radiuses that can clear paths and destroy germs. You can also use a health burst to damage walls, enemies, and toxins around you to help clear a path forward, but running out of health is game over.

You’ll be able to unlock new remedy characters that change the game’s theme as well as gameplay elements, unlocked through coins in Crossy Road (Free) style monetization. Remedy Rush hits iOS for free this Thursday.