‘Crowntakers’ Gets Universal Update, iPhone Owners Can Now Join in the Fun

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It’s a tough road for non-universal apps these days, particularly those that are restricted to iPad users. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid, especially if the game in question has a lot of small UI elements, but I’ve always felt that the excellent strategy RPG Crowntakers ($2.99) could work on an iPhone with some adjustments. Moreover, its gameplay is equally well-suited to playing on the go as it is to curling up in your favorite easy chair with your tablet. Well, iPhone owners, you finally have your chance. The latest version of Crowntakers brings universal support to the app, so you can play it wherever your little iOS-loving heart desires.

Crowntakers is an interesting game because as much as it’s a strategy RPG, it borrows a lot of elements from roguelikes. The result is a tasty blend quite unlike other games in the genre. It plays a little like a turn-based roguelike or board game, but when combat occurs, you switch over to a streamlined SRPG battle system. I went into more detail in my review of the game, and I encourage you to give that a read, but it really is easiest to get a grasp on its unique gameplay mechanics by playing it yourself.

The game has earned a loyal following in the TouchArcade forums, so be sure to check in there to get some extra opinions and perspectives. It feels like Crowntakers has slipped under the radar for a lot of people who would probably really enjoy it, though. With any luck, the move to a universal app will help the game attract the followers it deserves.

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