‘Mega Man 1-6’ Now Available on iOS and Android

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[UPDATE: It only took mere moments of playing one of these ports to see that they are shockingly bad, so even though we’ll have an official review coming soon we wanted to give people this extra head’s up to avoid these at all costs.] Mega Man is one of the most difficult game series even with a physical controller, and as we’ve seen a couple of different times over the years the experience doesn’t translate super well to the touchscreen. Well, Capcom Mobile is taking another stab at it as they announced last month that the six 8-bit Mega Man games would be hitting mobile, and as of just a few moments ago they’ve arrived in the iOS App Store as well as on Android’s Google Play Store. These ports have been adjusted for mobile play, but I’ll have to actually dive into these before we really know what that’s supposed to mean. One thing I do know though is that the trailers don’t give me a lot of confidence in these ports, as the frame rates look pretty poor.

Even if that’s the case, as long as these play well enough they could prove to be an interesting distraction whenever I get a hankering for Mega Man and don’t have my 3DS on me. I didn’t really love the ports of Mega Man II ($0.99) or Mega Man X ($4.99) in previous years, but I didn’t hate them either. They were just kind of… there. Perhaps Mega Man 1-6 will fare a bit better, and at least they’re only going for a couple of bucks a pop. If you’re interested, check them out with the links below and you can find individual threads for all 6 games in our forums. Also, expect our own Shaun Musgrave’s take on the entire collection in a Mega Man Mega Review coming up in the next few days.


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