Are You Ready to Rock? Capcom is Bringing the Entire 8-Bit ‘Mega Man’ Series to Mobile Next Year

Are you bummed about Nintendo making a new Mario game for mobile when you really just wanted to play the old ones? Well, Capcom has heard your pleas. Not for Mario, though. That’s Nintendo’s thing. Capcom has its own 8-bit hero, and they’re going to be bringing all of his NES adventures to mobile next year. The company has just announced that Mega Man 1 through Mega Man 6 will all be released on iOS and Android next year. So far, they’re only announced for Japan, but they’re coming really soon: January 6th, 2017. I can’t imagine any reason why they wouldn’t release these games worldwide, and it’s not like there’s a lot of translation to do, so we could be seeing these not long after the start of next year.


This won’t be the Blue Bomber’s first rodeo on mobile. In years past, Capcom has released a questionably-emulated version of Mega Man 2, a chopped up Mega Man X port, and the so-bad-they-didn’t-even-release-it-here Rockman X-Over. Hopefully, they do a better job this time. You can have a look at the first screen they’ve released. If nothing else, it looks like it’s been customized for mobile in some regards. The life bars that ordinarily sit at the top left and top right of the play area are down at the bottom. Wide borders cover up the fact that these games were made for 4:3 displays while also giving space for the virtual controls.

Assuming the games don’t release at the same time worldwide as they do in Japan, I’ll be checking these versions out and reporting how they turned out to you on January 6th of next year, friends. Let’s cross our fingers and hope things turn out okay, because I could really go for some quality Mega Man action on my iPhone.