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‘Malevolent Machines’ Boss Fight Trailer Revealed

Goodnight Games is hard at work on Malevolent Machines, getting it ready for its February 7th release date. Their latest reveal from the game is how the boss fighting works. Battles take place in two phases: you use the Juggerbot to fend off the boss’ first form, then protagonist Leyla will face the boss one on one. The video shows off how you tap to fire, and contend with countering enemy shots to find an opening:

This steampunk action game is looking rather interesting, and there’s a variety of footage released for it so far for you to check out. Plus, hop in the game’s forum thread to discuss this game with the developers at Goodnight Games. Malevolent Machines will be available on February 7th, will cost $1.99, and have no IAP with plans for free DLC down the road.