The Electro Wizard Joins ‘Clash Royale’ Tomorrow

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Clash Royale (Free) is getting ready to welcome another unit to the game just before 2016 finally says goodbye to us all, and that unit is the Legendary Electro Wizard. This 4 Elixir card enters the Arena with a zap that takes out units below and clears some space for the Electro Wizard to land safely. At Level 1, he has 550 HP, 200 Damage, 117 DPS, 169 Spawn Damage, and 0.5 sec Stun Duration. He can hit both Ground and Air targets, and the most interesting part of his attack is that he can zap two targets at the same time, which you can see in the video below. His two-handed zap ability makes him harder to distract because he can still attack a tower while also taking out a Tesla or Inferno Tower. Add to that his ability to stun what he hits, and you can see why some are worried this new unit might be too overpowered.

Some Clash Royale players have voiced their displeasure over the new card’s art and name, but most agree that this card might force an interesting change in the meta. What I do like about Electro Wizard is this new design idea of a unit zapping two targets at the same time. We’ll see, of course, how good the card is once it becomes available tomorrow.

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