‘Hearthstone’ Will Celebrate 20 Years of ‘Diablo’ With a Special Tavern Brawl

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My fondness for Blizzard’s Diablo goes back decades when me and my brother battled through all those dungeons to take the final boss down. Those were good times, and realizing that this year Blizzard is celebrating 20 years of that fantastic game makes me feel quite old. The original game was released on December 31, and with that day fast approaching, Blizzard has decided to celebrate the anniversary by sprinkling in-game events and goodies in all its games, including Hearthstone (Free). As to be expected, these events will only be around for a limited time, so make sure you jump in once they’re live.


How will Hearthstone celebrate Diablo‘s 20-year reign? Well, so far we only have hints and should have more information soon, but it looks like we’re getting a special Tavern Brawl. According to the announcement, a hooded stranger awaits for you in Tavern Brawl, and he’s holding a “grim deck" in his hands. It will be up to you all to unravel the secrets of this dark wanderer. So, it’s pretty clear that we are about to have a hell of a good time (sorry, I just couldn’t resist the pun).

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