‘Get Wrecked’, the 2v2 Arena Brawler, Is Now Available

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A few weeks back we wrote about Get Wrecked (Free), an upcoming 2v2 Arena Brawler that looked a lot like the PC game Battlerite. I thought it looked quite promising, and now you can all check it out because the game has launched. As you can read about in our forum thread, the game is focused on 2v2 brawls for now with more modes planned soon. The game has over 50 different skills and items you can use as you try and mold your character to play the way you want him or her to. The game also has 45 cards you can collect and upgrade as you again customize your hero to your battling tastes.

I’m glad to see developers taking genres made for PC, like MOBAs, and tinkering with the recipe as they try to make games fit the platform rather than try to squeeze a genre into a platform with very different capabilities. Check out the game and tell me what you think in the comments.

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