‘FIFA Mobile Soccer’ Is Running a Holiday ‘Freeze’ Event

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Like most other similar games on the App Store, FIFA Mobile Soccer (Free) is running a holiday event, and this one is called Football Freeze Program. The Program consists of two weeks of Live Events, Exclusive Plans, Special Edition Players, and more. If you go now to the Far North on the game map, you’ll see a special Live Event that when completed unlocks one of 26 special Frozen Gifts (insert joke about “Let it Go"). During this holiday event, you can unlock a series of Elite Players – including Silver and Gold ones – by completing Specific Plans or buying specially marked Freeze packs (all this talk of Freeze is making me think of Mr. Freeze from the Batman movies).

FIFA Mobile

As is usually the case with FIFA events, you’ll have opportunities to join Flash Freeze events as well as get your hands on Flash Freeze Players that you can buy with Snowball and Snowflake Tokens (I wish I was making that up). There’s a lot more Frozen content to be had during the Holiday Freeze Program, and you can check it out here.

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