Developer PSA: Submit Your Games to the International Mobile Gaming Awards

Hey developers, if you’re looking for another potential award to decorate your iTunes screenshots with, why not take some time today and submit your title(s) to the International Mobile Gaming Awards? I’m helping judge the games this year, as is Jeff Scott from Slide to Play and a few other judges you might recognize. To submit your game, head over here and register, there’s one caveat though: For consideration, your game has to either be totally unreleased, or released in 2016.


The judging process is sort of crazy, as the first round everyone meets up in Marseilles, France and whittles down a list of thousands of games that get submitted. It’s a ton fun for me, as this is the kind of thing we do every year around here at TouchArcade with our annual “Best of" lists, but sometimes we come across things which totally aren’t on our radar at all as no one in our community might be talking about some random indie game published by a European developer who hasn’t shown it to anyone yet. (These are always my favorite surprises.)

Also, while you’re at it, think about submitting your game to the IndiePlus contest too, might as well get as many chances as you can for potentially winning some awards.