FunPlus Launches IndiePlus 2017 Contest for Mobile Game Developers

Publisher FunPlus is launching its third annual IndiePlus contest for mobile game developers. IndiePlus 2017 will come with a $10,000 prize for the winning studio, a Razer Stealth & Razer Core for the first runner up, and a 12.9" iPad Pro for the second runner-up. Developers can start submitting their apps today on the IndiePlus website, with submissions closing on January 20th, 2017. The top 10 will be announced on January 31st, with the IndiePlus Awards happening on February 28th at Game Developers Conference 2017 in San Francisco. The judges are yet to be announced, but the first judge is Dylan Bevis of Featherweight Games, whose Rodeo Stampede (Free) won the 2016 contest ahead of Crashlands ($6.99) and Plug and Play ($2.99).

For mobile game developers specifically, this is one of the few contests that can be entered that rewards developers working in the creative space, and not just the mass-market space, and there’s some good prizes for eligible entrants. Developers can sign up on FunPlus’ IndiePlus 2017 website.