‘Clash Royale’ Crown Duel Challenge Rolling Out Now

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It’s the news you’ve all been waiting for in the early hours of November 15th! That’s right, at long last, the Clash Royale (Free) update bringing the Crown Duel Challenge is now available! Well, the full mode is not going to be available until Friday the 16th, but you can partake in crown duels starting right now. You’ll be able to draft 4 cards from 4 random pairs into your deck, with the 4 you don’t pick going to your opponent, and vice versa, to fill out your deck. Then there’s the Crown Duel Tournament on the 17th that will be livestreamed.

The Clan Chest event will happen on December 19th, with the Electro Wizard Challenge rolling out on December 23rd. Oh, and on Sunday, you’ll be able to request and donate Epic Cards, and they now come with chepaer costs. The Jungle Arena will unlock on January 13th, with the Dart Goblin available then, and a new card added each two weeks afterward.

Along with these, there’s rebalancing of various cards. And most importantly, a new jingle when you buy a Legendary Card. Who doesn’t love jingles?

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