‘Pretty Little Liars’ Interactive Fiction Coming to ‘Episode’ Today

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A few years back, I got into the show Pretty Little Liars, and I’m still not sure exactly why I did so. It is a pretty entertaining show, and even though I’m not the target demographic – I know many, many teenagers who love that show – I still enjoyed the, well, interesting plot lines and the entertaining mystery. The show is launching its final season in 2017, but you can continue to enjoy the glorious adventures of Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily, in the form of an interactive fiction game. Specifically, Pretty Little Liars is launching today on Episode (Free), the interactive stories platform that has hosted stories like Mean Girls in the past.

Pretty Little Liars

The Episode PLL story puts fans in the center of a new storyline that takes place during the first season of the show. So, expect to see the four little liars as well as the always-resourceful (and probably superhuman) “A." The story promises plenty of fun twists that will entertain both newcomers and veterans of the show. And, of course, the story will change depending on the choices you make. So, go grab the Pretty Little Liars story now and please try to make better decisions than those four lovely girls.

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