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‘Dead Island: Survivors’ Has Soft-Launched in Norway

When the PC/console game Dead Island released a trailer featuring zombie mayhem going in reverse, everyone sat up and took notice. While the game didn’t manage to reach the heights of that trailer, it was still a pretty good zombie game, and now a mobile version of it called Dead Island: Survivors has soft launched in Norway. Survivors has you building a base and supporting your allies as you all try to defend against the hordes of infected people. In building your base, you set traps and barricades as you try to create the strongest and most efficient defenses.

The game isn’t just base building, though. You also get to run around killing zombies using all kinds of crazy combos and special moves, as you can see from the gameplay trailer above. The game promotes co-operation since you can send each other the necessary goods to survive the zombie apocalypse. For those who want to get a head start in making alliances, visit our forum thread. If you don’t have a Norway App Store account, use our guide to make one and then download the game here.