‘Crashlands’ Documentary “Dev Diary Season One: Brace for Impact” to Premiere at MAGfest 2017

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You’re sure to see a lot of mentions of Crashlands ($6.99) on any reputable mobile gaming website’s end of year lists. And maybe some reputable general gaming sites, too! We know that January 21st at 12:00Pm EST is when you can check out the documentary Dev Diary Season One: Brace for Impact, created by the folks at Forever an Astronaut. However, if you’re at MAGfest, the documentary will be premiering there on January 6th as part of their Games on Film series.

This should be an interesting watch, because if you’ve followed the development of the game at all, you know that the development was fraught with personal peril. Seriously, go back and read “The Last Game I Make Before I Die". Crashlands is an ambitious game with a dramatic story behind it, and seeing it all happen on film has the potential to be an enthralling experience.

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