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Upcoming ‘Malevolent Machines’ Posts New Gameplay Trailers

After sharing plenty of art and a teaser, the upcoming steampunk runner Malevolent Machines has started showing off gameplay videos. While the animation is a bit on the clunky side, so far I like what I’m seeing. The art is quite unique and the whole game looks fun, if you like runners of course. Otherwise, I don’t think this one will be your cup of mobile game tea. If you haven’t read our previous stories on Malevolent Machines or visited the game’s forum thread, know that there’s an intriguing story behind all the running that involves Dr. Leyla Green unleashing all kinds of horrors upon us because she was careless.

Now, she has to head out to take those horrors out with the help of her giant pet cyborg. Expect to see all kinds of biological and robotic monstrosities waiting to get a taste of your flesh. Her failed creations are quite funny, like Teddy Jumpenstein, which was supposed to gather all kinds of objects and return them to Leyla but instead has rebelled and wants to be a dancer. The game will be coming out for Android and iOS this February.