‘Star Wars’-Inspired ‘Hologrid: Monster Battle’ Releases Just in Time for ‘Rogue One’

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If you remember the scene in Star Wars when R2-D2 is playing Holochess with Chewbacca, then you’ll immediately recognize HoloGrid: Monster Battle (Free), a game created in collaboration with Academy Award VFX Director Phil Tippett, the guy who actually designed and animated the Holochess scenes from both Star Wars and The Force Awakens. We wrote about the game back in March, talking about how Tippett wanted to shift from making monsters on screen to making them for games. At its core, the game is a hybrid between a board game and a CCG, but it also uses AR technology to make it feel more alive and closer to the Holochess experience.

The game will require physical cards to play, and I think this will be a great game for those who enjoy CCGs but mostly all those Star Wars fans. The AR monsters look top notch in the trailers so far, and if you’re a fan of the classic stop motion monsters of old, you’re going to like the look of the creatures in Hologrid. If you want to play the game, go here to buy physical cards (the bundle will set you back $35). And remember, let the Wookie win.

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