‘Radiation Island’, ‘Battle Supremacy’, and Other Games From Atypical are On Sale

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Can you hear that, friends? That faint rumbling that sounds like it’s coming from just over the horizon? It’s the holiday sales, ready to stampede all over our piggy banks and backlogs with the irresistible savings they offer. The latest publisher to join in on the festivities is Atypical Games, and they’ve put just about their entire catalog on sale for you to fill your virtual stocking with. Whether you like your battles on land, air, or sea, Atypical’s probably got something to your tastes. If nothing else, Radiation Island is certainly a must-have at the price it’s going for. Provided you don’t already have it, anyway.

The full list is as follows:

Atypical does sales here and there, so at least a few of these will probably be on sale again in a few months. That said, these are some great prices for some pretty sweet games. Make sure to check out the forum threads for those games, as our excellent forum members can provide all sorts of information for the curious would-be buyer. The sale should persist through the holidays, but as usual, grab them as soon as you can if you want them. You know, just to be safe.

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