Zynga’s ‘Dawn of Titans’ Now Available in the US

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I think it’s fair to say base builders is one of the most popular genres on the App Store, so there’s no shortage for players trying to get into one of them. Natural Motion’s Dawn of Titans (Free) – which is out in the US today – is definitely a base builder, but it stands apart from most others for a few reasons. Firstly, the game’s visuals are second to none in the genre, with great character and building design and a fully 3D fantasy world. The other feature that makes the game worth playing is the real-time battle control, which has you fighting the enemy in a manner similar to Total War games – although simplified, of course.

I’ve played the game a bit back in soft launch, and as base builders go, this is a pretty fun one. You get to add this huge Titans to your army that go through the opponent’s ranks like,well, a Titan through puny humans. Dawn of Titans brings along the usual fare of events and campaigns to join, alliances, and so on. If you’re looking for another base builder that won’t look like another Clash of Clans clone, then check out Dawn of Titans. We don’t know when it will be available in other territories, so stay tuned.

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